What Is Wood

Stamped Concrete?

An innovative technique for decorative concrete

Concrete is durable and long-lasting but not very decorative on its own. Wood stamped concrete is a technique that involves staining and stamping concrete before it sets to give you the look and feel of wood planks without the hassle and expense. This process can only be done to concrete before it sets but it can be used to revitalize existing concrete by applying a thin polymer-modified concrete polymer over the existing concrete that can be stained and stamped.

Stamped concrete that looks like wood achieves very realistic results. To complete the illusion of wood planks, our contractors use a combination of stains that mimic color variations of real wood. The result is a very detailed wood texture with rich wood grain and even knots. The stamped concrete is just are strong and resilient as regular concrete with a permanent texture and color you can enjoy for many years to come.

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Exterior Wood

Stamped Concrete

Update your curb appeal and expand your outdoor living space

Concrete is the perfect material for outdoor use but it’s not always the prettiest. Tired of your pool deck that has seen better days? Want something more decorative than a gray slab driveway that will only stain and discolor? Dreaming of a beautiful patio for entertaining guests? Wood stamped concrete is the perfect application for all of these uses and more.

Concrete Wood Pool Deck
Pool Decks
Ready to upgrade your worn and outdated pool deck with something amazing? Concrete that looks like wood is a great investment for your poolscape, delivering the rich color and beauty of wood without the short lifespan and maintenance. We can apply a stamped concrete wood look overlay to your existing concrete deck to give it the texture and color of wood with the performance of new concrete.
Concrete Wood Driveway
You don’t need to settle for a boring, gray concrete driveway. Give your home enviable curb appeal with the beautiful of stamped concrete. A stamped concrete driveway adds elegance and timeless style to any home. You can choose any pattern you like. Stamped concrete that looks like wood is an unconventional but undeniably beautiful addition to your home’s front yard.
Wood Concrete
Patios & Walkways
Wood stamped concrete in Grand Rapids, Michigan is one of the best investments you can make in your home. This decorative concrete solution is the perfect choice for a sophisticated patio and matching walkways that can boost the value of your home, enhance the style of your outdoor space, and last for decades. Unlike a wood patio, wood stamped concrete won’t rot, require frequent upkeep, or be susceptible to damage from water and pests. We can apply a wood stamped overlay to an existing patio, extend your existing patio, or give you a new patio of your dreams.
Interior Concrete

Wood Floors

Enjoy durable yet beautiful concrete floors indoors

Stamped concrete is most often used outdoors for pool decks, patios, and driveways but it can also be used to create durable and attractive concrete flooring. A growing number of homeowners in Grand Rapids are turning to concrete floors that look like wood for a long-lasting interior floor system.

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Concrete Wood Basement Floors

The most practical and popular application for a wood stamped concrete floor in Grand Rapids, MI is in the basement. Because they are below ground level, basements are prone to moisture issues and even flooding. Stamped concrete transforms an aging concrete floor into a beautiful and finished floor space that looks just like wood floors, an option which isn’t possible in a basement. Concrete can withstand flooding yet create an attractive finished living space in the basement.

Concrete epoxy coating Grand Rapids Michigan
Stamped Concrete Overlays

Wood stamped concrete in Grand Rapids doesn’t require pouring new concrete. Our stamped concrete contractors can revitalize your existing concrete floors with a polymer-modified concrete overlay that can be stained and stamped just like new concrete. A stamped concrete overlay gives you a beautiful and long-lasting wood stamped concrete floor that completely hides your cracked and ugly concrete below.

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Interior Concrete Wood Floors

A wood stamped concrete floor can be a beautiful addition to any main-floor living space. Homeowners can choose to install concrete that looks like wood in a family room, kitchen, laundry room, or entrance for an upscale floor system that withstands almost anything. Indoors, wood stamped concrete is pet-proof, scratch-proof, and waterproof for decades of worry-free use without the hassle of time-consuming maintenance.


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Benefits of Wood Stamped Concrete


Unbeatable durability meets the natural beauty of wood

A wood stamped concrete floor delivers the best of both worlds: the rich color and grain pattern of wood with the strength and long-lasting durability of concrete. Here’s why concrete floors that look like wood are becoming so popular in Grand Rapids.

Can be applied to new or existing concrete with a concrete overlay.

Gives old concrete new life, texture, and performance

Lasts 25+ years like regular concrete

Low maintenance without sanding, staining, rot repair, or scratches.

Strength of concrete to resist damage from pet accidents, abrasion, pests, and more.

Delivers the look of real wood without concerns about water damage, scratches, splinters, and insects.

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