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We make cabinets that enhance your everyday life.

Here at Premier Edge Concrete Solutions in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we strive to deliver 100% satisfaction in all aspects of our interactions and installations. Our clients take full priority and when it comes to a garage cabinet system that will work for you, this is the exact type of team you want building your system. With decades of experience, our team offers a strong warranty, efficiency and expertise, and affordable prices all around.

Whether you’re looking for a large or small system in your residential garage, we can do it all. For more information or to learn more about specific services, head over to our home page or give our professionals a call.

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Garage Cabinets

We offer so many different types of garage cabinet systems!

The variety and knowledge we offer in building you your own custom cabinet set are truly incredible! Choose what you want, and we’ll make it happen.

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Storage Cabinets
These types of cabinets we can install mounted to a wall or leave them freestanding, depending on your wants and needs. Our products will not corrode, rust, or scratch easily, which makes our cabinets superior to most. These are great options if you’re considering having movable cabinets with wheels, drawers, or having locks installed. There can be many things to consider when looking at these garage cabinets like the layout of your garage, the type of environment, and what type of temperature is common in your garage.
Safety Cabinets
If you utilize your garage regularly and/or use it as a workshop, a safety cabinet may be what you’re looking for. Our team installs these in garages that are wanting to store hazardous substances like pesticides, fire hazards, firearms, and more. Our clients with young children find these cabinets to be lifesavers. Whatever you’re keeping in your custom-made garage cabinet will be safe and untouchable from anyone who doesn’t have access to opening the cabinets doors!
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Complete Storage System
Our complete installation of custom garage cabinets means there is a mixture of cabinets. A set typically means our team is installing more than three cabinets in one area. When installing your garage cabinets, it is important to know what type of cabinets and any additions will best serve you! Space for tools and other large items needs to be accounted for before installation beginning. A complete storage system can be mounted or free standing and will provide an aesthetically pleasing addition to your newly made-over garage!

Custom Garage Cabinet Benefits

Why should you care about installing space in your garage if everything is already in there?

Having epoxy flooring in an environment like the basement is beneficial because of the protective layer it adds, the variety this flooring system allows, and the low maintenance it affords.

Upgrade in Aesthetics
Your garage doesn’t have to look like a foreign land to you, especially when you compare it to the rest of your home, it can aid in the functionality and beauty as well. Our garage custom made cabinets are made to enhance your look, your routine, and the overall function of your garage. Choose from different materials including different metals, woods, colors, and/or plastics. Add sinks, backsplash, and so much more to help take your standard garage to the next level!
Clutter is Dangerous
Unquestionably, a garage cabinet system will reduce clutter and make a busy garage much more manageable, however, we take it to the next level. We can partner custom cabinets with added shelves and panels that will make organizing and keeping things off of the floor easier and much quicker. The point of our custom garage cabinets is to make your garage a realistic storage place for your car and extra belongings while simultaneously avoiding tripping hazards and more serious accidents.
Increase Home Value
When you choose a cabinet set that you do not plan on taking with you when/if you move then you have installed a great plan to increase your property value. Aesthetically, garage cabinet systems, that were built for the specific layout of your garage, create a sense of organization and structure that new prospective homeowners are searching for. Any garage with a high-quality custom garage cabinet system looks and feels much more professional and ready to buy.

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When we say “custom made” we want you to believe it. As a team, we will build your garage cabinets to suit your wants, needs, and future aspirations as well as any safety features and aesthetics you desire.