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If you’ve lived in Grand Rapids for a full seasonal cycle then you know that our beautiful area is exposed too every season and with changing seasons means different levels of heat, cold, water, and so much more. Our team here at Premier Edge Concrete Solutions has been installing long-lasting floors for the area for almost a decade. One of the biggest advantages that our crew has is living and knowing the type of environmental exposures your concrete floors will undergo, meaning, we have the tools and techniques to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

For our commercial and residential clients, we do offer a possible warranty depending on the type of product being installed. Our team is ready to guarantee 100% satisfaction with every project completed at low and affordable prices. We only use the highest-performing materials and longest-lasting ones at that!

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Grand Rapids Basement Flooring

Types of Basement Flooring

There are incredible benefits to each one of these floors

A naked basement is an expensive accident waiting to happen.

Basement Epoxy Grand Rapids
Metallic Basement Epoxy

Show off your style and the craftsmanship of our team! Metallic floors create strong and resistant surfaces made of 100% solid epoxy that are resistant to even the harshest of environments including extreme heat and extreme cold. These floors are known for their 3D illusions and long-lasting surfaces that make any previous flaw look like a work of art.

Metallic Epoxy
Epoxy Basement Flooring
What happens when your basement floor doesn’t have an epoxy coating? Well, you have a basement is the concrete surface that touches the ever-changing soil beneath your home; meaning, the melting water from snow that runs through the soil, the frozen soil when it gets cold outside, and the rain runoff when it hasn’t frozen yet. All of these circumstances, which you cannot avoid, create hazardous circumstances for concrete that does not have a barrier to protect it from moisture and the changing freeze-thaw-cycle.
Epoxy Basement Floor
Rustic Wood Flooring

If your basement is going to be an extra room in your home, an extra office space, or a guest space, you want a rustic wood flooring installed! These floors offer everything an authentic wood floor would but leaves out the expensive treatments, constant repairs, and sensitivities most of us know wood floors to have. We will install a rustic wood floor that is impact, scratch, water, and even chemical resistant, not something you could ever get with a real wood floor. Don’t be fooled, rustic wood looks and feels like whatever wood you want to be installed, call us now to learn more!

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Benefits of Basement Epoxy Flooring

General advantages of an epoxy basement floor

An epoxy basement floor creates an environment that will last for over a decade because it offers the resiliency and durability no other floor can give you.

Basement Concrete Floor Epoxy Sealer
In a basement, this is such an important characteristic to have! Basements are the foundation of your home; therefore, they should have the most resistant surface and with an epoxy floor, that is exactly what you get. Your floors will be resistant to moisture creating an uninhabitable surface for mold and bacteria, your floors will be waterproof so flooding should not be an insurance concern, and your floors will be crack and stain-proof making them aesthetically pleasing year-round.
Basement Epoxy Floor Coating
There isn’t a better surface to install if you’re worried about the wear and tear of your concrete surface. These floors are not susceptible to the damages most floors are that are caused by constant use. If you’re using your space as a storage unit, install an epoxy surface. Constantly dragging boxes or furniture across the floor creates fatigue, scratches, and abrasions that epoxy can resist but you also want a floor that will not breakdown if chemicals are spilled or spread mold and bacteria onto your belongings.
Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating
Aesthetics and Affordability
For a choice in color, patterns, textures, and designs, you pay less than you would for any other decorative flooring option because these floors are so durable. When nothing damages your floors, you pay much less overtime for repairs and maintenance. With elegant glossy finishes and the possibility of designs on the surface, epoxy can transform a regular dungy basement into an exciting part of your home.



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