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Breathe new life into your dated pool deck

Your pool represents a major investment. Over time, however, a once pristine concrete pool deck can become an eyesore. If you’re embarrassed to invite people over for a swim or you’re just tired of looking at your cracked pool deck, resurfacing is the perfect option. There’s no need to replace aging, cracked, and ugly concrete when you’re ready for an update. With our range of pool deck resurfacing options, your concrete pool deck can get a complete facelift with new color, texture, and design that complements your home.

Concrete pool deck resurfacing costs a fraction of the cost of concrete replacement and gives you endless ways to customize the look and feel of your poolscape.

Resurfacing can be done to any concrete surface in your home, take a look at our home page to see where concrete resurfacing may benefit you!

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Concrete Pool Deck


Cover flaws and enjoy a long-lasting new pool deck surface

Concrete pool deck coatings are liquid or semi-liquid materials applied to your existing concrete to create a new surface. Concrete coatings for pool decks come in many varieties to add new texture, color, and even patterns to your pool deck surface to make it look better than new.

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Acrylic Coatings
Want an affordable solution to give your worn-out pool deck a new look? Acrylic pool deck resurfacing in Grand Rapids is one of the most versatile and cost-effective resurfacing options out there. Acrylic coatings are very durable and long-lasting with excellent resistance to fading from chemical and sun exposure. After your concrete is repaired, we can apply a microtopping for a new texture and color. Your acrylic can be customized with your choice of colors and effects.
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Cool Deck Coatings
These specialized coatings are designed to not only resurface your concrete pool deck but also reduce the surface temperature in the summer. One of the most popular types of cool pool deck coatings is Kool Deck, a brand-name coating invented in the 1960s. Cool deck for pools can reduce heat build-up by up to 40% and give your aging concrete new color and texture.
Cool pool deck coatings usually cost a bit more than acrylic but the cost can be worth it for a comfortable surface.
Epoxy Coatings
Epoxy concrete coatings generally aren’t used for outdoor concrete but there are specialized forms of epoxy coatings designed for concrete pool decks and patios. These epoxy products are usually made with a mixture of epoxy resin and ground stone or an acrylic coating fortified with epoxy. Specialized epoxy resin can be a long-lasting and unique way to resurface a pool deck with dramatic results. Thanks to the skid-resistant additives, the surface is completely slip-resistant, even when wet.
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Resurfacing Options

Solutions to fit your aesthetic goals

Concrete coatings are an affordable and versatile solution to give your concrete new life but they aren’t the only options available. We offer other solutions for concrete pool deck resurfacing in Grand Rapids to transform your pool deck from an eyesore into something you’ll love showing off.

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Stained Concrete Pool Deck

If your concrete is in good condition with nothing more than minor cracks and an aging appearance, custom stains can be a great solution to give the surface a beautiful new look. Permanent concrete stains that are water-based or acid-based can achieve all types of unique effects like vibrant colors, mottled effects, and every color under the sun. A stained concrete pool deck is even a good choice for disguising previous pool deck repairs. We use quality concrete stains that can last many years without fading or showing wear.

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Stamped Concrete Pool Deck

Did you know you can get the look of pavers, flagstone, brick, and wood without tearing up and replacing your worn concrete pool deck? A stamped concrete overlay can be applied to your existing concrete. This thin layer of concrete is stained and stamped with unique stamps that imprint the texture of high-end materials like pavers. With a combination of stains, we can give you the realistic appearance and texture of many types of materials without the high cost or maintenance.

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Pavers Over Concrete Pool Deck

If stamped concrete isn’t enough and you want the real thing, we can install pavers directly over your concrete pool deck. This can give your poolscape an upscale new look and the beauty of pavers without the hassle and cost of replacing your aging concrete. As long as your concrete is in good structural condition, it can be a good candidate for paver installation. We install all types of pavers, including brick, concrete, and stone, with a huge array of patterns for a one-of-a-kind pool area.


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Pool Deck Crack Repair


Beautiful resurfacing starts with careful repairs

Before applying any type of resurfacing solution, our experienced resurfacing contractors begin with careful repairs and preparation of your concrete.

One of the most important and common forms of repairs is addressing cracks. All concrete cracks both when it cures initially and over time. If cracks are ignored, they will get larger and accelerate deterioration of the concrete by allowing water to seep deep inside.

Very minor cracks don’t need to be repaired before applying even a concrete coating but other cracks should be repaired first or they can broadcast through the coating or stain. Because concrete pool deck repair is usually obvious, resurfacing is recommended anyway once it’s complete to give your concrete pool deck a uniform and attractive surface.