Choosing The Best Finish For

Your Pool Deck

Pool Deck Resurfacing
While the process of having your pool deck resurfaced can be stressful, there is some light at the end of the tunnel of this process. Near the end of all of the repairs and after all of the money you have spent start to pile up, it may seem like there is no sign of relief. Well, that is if you haven’t walked outside and taken a look at your brand new pool deck. This process has been carefully completed and now it is time for you to reap the rewards, but before you do that, it is time to choose what exactly you want your backyard to look like. Today we are going to point out the most popular and most attractive pool deck finishes that are available on the market. Now, let’s get you the pool deck of your dreams!
Spray Coatings
Pool Deck Spray Coatings
We are going to start out with the most popular pool deck finish that has been used since pools have been installed in the residential area, the spray on deck! Spray on pool decking is the most used pool decking in the world for good reason, not just by clever marketing. A spray on deck actually is able to provide grip in two ways, one being its natural texture. The texture of spray on decking can be described as clouds that have been squared and spread. This makes it easy for your feet to find traction on the surface, even when it is wet. The paint that is applied to the spray decking can also provide grip and it can even make the concrete up to 30 degrees cooler, that’s the most out of all coatings!
Stamped Concrete
Stamped Concrete
One of the most unique and high end looking concrete pool deck coatings are the stamped concrete overlays. With a stamped concrete overlay, your pool deck can look like real wood planks, tile, and even natural stone. To add even more realism to the stamped concrete overlay, there is even the option to use acid stains to create highs and lows in the mimicked material that can make the stamped concrete overlay look even more exotic. In terms of protection, all concrete coatings that don’t use paint are treated with a polyurethane sealer that won’t turn yellow due to constant exposure to UV rays. Need more grip? We can place an additive that mimics the appearance of sand or salt to add a skateboard-like grip to the surface for grip even when the concrete pool deck is wet.
Stained Concrete
Stained Concrete Pool Deck
Want the effects of natural stone, marbling or wood but don’t want to break the bank by using a stamped concrete overlay? Don’t worry, there are multiple solutions that you can take advantage of to make your dream a reality. With an acid stained concrete or a stenciled stained concrete coating, you can have the appearance of whatever you desire. The only thing that a stained or stenciled concrete will not have is the texture of the stamped concrete overlay. The same sealer that is used on the stamped concrete overlay will be used on these types of coatings as well, with the same options as well.
There are more options!
Graniflex Pool Decking
Did we not cover a material that you desire? Make sure to either our pool deck resurfacing page or contact us directly! We are more than happy to assist with any and all questions you may have. But be quick! Summer is right around the corner and our appointment book is filling up fast, so act now!