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Epoxy Flooring

Garage Floor Epoxy
First off, what even is an epoxy flooring system? Well, epoxy is a chemically cured polymer, made of resin and hardeners, that is applied to your concrete floor. Concrete is a hard surface, why does it need any extra protection? Concrete is not indestructible and is actually extremely vulnerable to damage if not protected properly. A professionally installed epoxy floor is important to help elongate your concretes lifespan and to keep it looking brand new. It is not wise to invest time, money, or effort into a DIY kit because there are preliminary tests and procedures that must take place for a proper and long-lasting epoxy floor. The performance of an epoxy floor is directed affected by surface preparation, therefore, it is vital to hire a professional installer who has the licensure and equipment for an affordable and proper installation.
Professional Installation Is Best
The best way to install an epoxy flooring system is to go step by step, a professional will know said steps. Concrete is a naturally porous surface, it will allow any liquid or chemical to penetrate its surface and that is not the best quality to have as a floor, but when you are installing epoxy it is required. Your floors must be porous so that the coating adheres properly; therefore, before applying any coating your floors must be inspected for damages, and whatever is found must be repaired. Any residual oils or chemicals must also be removed because even slight residue from previous sealants or paints can hinder proper epoxy installation. If you’re not sure about your concrete’s history, let the professional know, because you want them to check your floors before an epoxy coating is laid on to cure with your floor. It will be costly for you to attempt an epoxy installation without testing your floors. To truly benefit from a long-lasting epoxy floor, it must be installed properly. Another important detail to note is temperature, meaning, you must check with a professional if the temperature you’re installing epoxy in is suitable for successful curing. Before any of the epoxy coating is installed, don’t forget the primer! This is important and it is a detail that a licensed experienced professional will never forget.
Durable, Affordable & Customizable
Durable, Affordable & Customizable
Once the steps of inspecting, fixing, checking, and then applying have taken place, you will have, essentially, brand new high performing floors. Epoxy floors, if properly installed, created a high-gloss surface that brightens any room they are installed in, but don’t let the elegant appearance fool you, these floors are virtually indestructible. They can withstand heavy impact, intense pressure, chemicals, oils, stains, and water damages. The best part is, they are insanely affordable, and they require little to no maintenance, your budget is never broken, and there won’t be any hidden fees in the future. An epoxy floor truly does offer it all, especially if you have a design in because epoxy can be installed to mimic different floors like wood or marble. Epoxy concrete floors can even be installed with various colors, textures, and patterns. Whatever your vision is for your floors, epoxy can deliver.