How To Get Your Pool Deck Safe And

Ready For Summer

Ready For Summer

With summer right around the corner, its time to start thinking about the state of your pool decking. Your pool deck is going to be seeing a lot of traffic over the next few months so you want to make sure that it is ready for anything life can throw your way. To make sure summer goes smoothly there are some things that you can do to make sure your pool deck is safe and ready for summertime that you can bring in some outside help for or even do yourself! Ready to find out how you can get your pool deck safe and ready for summer? We have a guide of everything you can do down below. So, let’s get started!

Cleaning Your Pool Deck
Cleaning Your Pool Deck

After lying dormant for a couple of months, your pool deck can be extremely dirty, especially with the recent amount of rain and wind that has stuck in many areas. With wet conditions and wind come muddy, dusty and overall dangerous conditions that can seriously impact how safe your pool deck is. Even if you can’t see any visible dirt or debris, your decking is most likely dirty. So, how do you go about making sure your pool decking is as clean as possible? Well, we recommend the use of a heavy-duty pressure washer to clean your decking. The pressure washing process will take only an hour at the most and will infiltrate the crevices of your pool deck to make sure all grit and grime are removed from your decking. While pressure washing is a great way to clean your deck, it can also show you if your decking has any problem areas that need to be addressed before a foot steps on your concrete pool deck, which brings us to our next topic.

Pool Deck Repair

Once your pool decking has been cleaned, you will be able to see the problem areas that can negatively affect your pool decking. A few examples of these damages are cracks, gouges, and peeling coatings. Damage to your pool deck can negatively affect how your pool deck performs, looks and ultimately how safe it is to use. For example, cracks can present a massive tripping hazard, especially when kids are running around your decking. A peeling coating can be washed away and expose slippery and hot concrete or even spread to larger areas of the pool decking. Don’t know if your pool deck needs to be replaced? Well down below we have outlined exactly why so many homeowners are using pool deck repair before summer strikes:

  • Crack free concrete can warrant a 5% increase in the value of a home
  • Repairing cracks can help your concrete last longer
  • Repairs can sometimes be done without the help of a contractor in small areas
  • Bare concrete can be a severe tripping hazard when wet

Sometimes, pool decking can be in worse shape than we would like to admit or sometimes it can warrant to be more than just a simple repair. But, that shouldn’t mean that you should give in to the gimmick of replacing your entire pool deck. In most cases, damaged concrete is still structurally sound which means that your pool deck can simply be resurfaced! Pool deck resurfacing is a process where there are no loud machines tearing up your concrete and potentially damaging the underlying plumbing and even your pool. Your concrete is simply profiled and a thin micro-topping is placed over your concrete, filling and hiding all of your concretes imperfections. One of the best parts of pool deck resurfacing is that you can use the material as a base for another pool decking like Kool Decking, stamped concrete, and even artistic overlays or pavers. Want to know what pool deck resurfacing is all about? We have outlined the pros and cons of using this service down below:


  • Can provide a seamless surface free of all tripping hazards
  • Will provide an extremely slip and skid-resistant finish
  • Provides a blank canvas for your imagination to run wild

  • Will need to be done with the help of a professional contractor
  • Cracks can reemerge over time
  • Seen as a temporary solution

Well, there you have it, all of the best ways to make sure that your pool deck is safe and ready for summertime! All we can say now is good luck and have a wonderful summer!