Types of Epoxy

Flooring Systems

Metallic Epoxy
The best part about our epoxy flooring systems is that they can suit your needs no matter what they are. We offer various specially formulated products that can serve your home or facility better than any other flooring system on the market. Allow us to further your knowledge on a few of the many different types of epoxy flooring in Grand Rapids.
Self Leveling Epoxy Flooring
Industrial Epoxy
Self-leveling epoxy flooring is perfect for installation over new or old concrete as they level themselves resulting in a smooth seamless finish. We use our self-leveling epoxies for many industries and areas such as warehouses, home, and commercial kitchens, dining room, storage facilities and much more!
Water Based Epoxy Flooring
Commercial Epoxy
Water-based epoxy is like the little brother of 100 percent solid epoxy. While water-based epoxy has marvelous features, it can’t compete with the overall durability that you can gain from a 100 percent solid epoxy flooring system. What you will gain from a water-based epoxy is a sleek and shiny flooring system that can withstand chemical reactions, stains, and light abrasions. This is perfect for any of our clients that have a home or a light duty commercial facility.
100 Percent Solid Epoxy Flooring
100 percent solid epoxy flooring can handle whatever you can throw at it. When other flooring fails, it will thrive, even in the harshest environments that it can be placed in. This epoxy flooring has all of the amazing features of a water-based epoxy, but then it amplifies them by ten. Solid epoxy flooring can even handle the weight of an aircraft, this is why they are the preferred flooring in many aircraft hangars and are even used in airports! If your home or facility needs a heavy duty flooring, look no further than a solid epoxy flooring system.
Anti Static Epoxy Flooring
Anti Static Epoxy
This form of epoxy is a specially formulated material for any of our clients need flooring that can protect sensitive electronics from dangerous static electricity surges. While this type of epoxy is mostly found in data housing centers or server warehouses, we find ourselves installing it in residential properties more and more for the computer enthusiast or smart home. You also gain the stain and abrasion resistance from a water-based epoxy as it serves as the base of this flooring system.
Flaked Epoxy Flooring
While flaked epoxy isn’t really a type of epoxy and more of a technique of applying epoxy, we thought we should add it as it is one of the most popular types of epoxy flooring found in many commercial and residential facilities alike. We can use either multi-colored flakes or single colored flakes to achieve a beautiful and gripping floor that can provide traction even when it is wet.
Decorative Epoxy Flooring
Metallic Epoxy
If your home or facility needs a flooring that can stand up to damage and maintain a beautiful appearance, decorative epoxy flooring may just be right for you. Decorative epoxy flooring is some of the most unique flooring options on the market becuase they can be tailored to your exact specifications and provide a surface that is basically life proof. We offer our metallic epoxy flooring with its amazing replications of lava, waves or even paint splatter for the more artistic. With a decorative epoxy, your flooring will be the envy of the neighbor hood.