While we all know that epoxy flooring is one of the best flooring available on the market today, we are only left to wonder why?
It almost seems that every business or home that we look into is using some form of an epoxy flooring system, but some more than others. Today we are going to be taking a deeper look into what types of epoxy flooring are the most popular and why. Down below are the top 5 most popular forms of epoxy flooring available on the market, so we better get started!

Metallic Epoxy Flooring
Metallic epoxy flooring is one of the most popular if not the most popular form of epoxy flooring for its sheer level of customization that is offered from this flooring. While this type of epoxy flooring is mostly used in garages and car dealerships, commercial facilities, and residential homes, there are no bounds to where this epoxy flooring system looks amazing in. Metallic epoxy can be used to recreate effects such as lava flow, waves crashing in from the ocean and can even make your flooring appear as a metallic marble or bowling ball! Just because it is beautiful does not mean that is fragile either as metallic epoxy uses a 100 percent solid epoxy system which is the strongest epoxy available for the foreseeable future.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring
Commercial facilities are one of the top clients of epoxy flooring as epoxy flooring is one of the only floorings available that can comply with the strict guidelines that commercial facilities have to inflict for a hygienic and efficient workplace. Epoxy flooring is a very durable and long lasting flooring that can handle whatever the facility needs it too, from vehicle traffic, resistance to harsh chemicals and even protection from dropped objects that would damage other floorings, epoxy flooring has your commercial facility covered; literally. Epoxy flooring is also a USDA approved flooring system so it is able to be applied in commercial kitchens, restaurants, and even in medical facilities because of its easy to clean, hygienic and seamless surface.

Garage Floor Epoxy
The reason why garage floor epoxy is starting to become so common is not just thoughtful marketing, epoxy flooring offers benefits that are basically meant for the garage. An epoxy flooring is able to transform your garage from boring and dull to mesmerizing and exciting. This is because there are a variety of additives that can be placed into the epoxy flooring such as different base colors, single or multi-colored flakes and even the opportunity to place emblems or logos directly into the flooring! Not to mention that epoxy flooring is resistant to all of the harsh chemicals found in the garage.

Basement Epoxy
When living in an area with basements, you know all too well that choosing flooring for your basement can cause a pretty serious headache. A floor made of hardwood will rot and buckle and carpet will just form mold and smell like mildew thanks the all of the moisture in the basement. Well, epoxy flooring is a perfect fit for basements as it is the flooring that is recommended for use in moist environments. This is because there is an additive that can be placed into epoxy flooring to add more traction in wet areas so you won’t trip!

Flaked Epoxy Flooring
While the method of flaking the epoxy floor is not really a type of epoxy flooring but more of a technique, it still deserves to be placed on our list as it is the most common form or residential epoxy. In almost every garage you will find a flaked epoxy floor and this is for good reason. The flakes that are placed into the epoxy flooring actually serve a purpose that is different from just appearance, a purpose that can actually make the garage a safer environment. The flakes in the epoxy can actually give the flooring more grip when it is soiled or wet which is why it is used in garages across America!