Reasons Why Epoxy Is The

Best Basement Flooring System

Basement Flooring
Are you looking for a flooring system for your basement that meets all the important checkmarks like cost, aesthetics and water resistance? Well sadly, most of the traditional types of flooring like carpet, hardwood, and tiles don’t really meet those standards. However, there is a flooring system that is able to meet all of these points and it’s a flooring system that many homeowners never expect, epoxy flooring. Epoxy flooring has been one of the most popular forms of basement flooring for the last 10 years and there is no sign of it slowing down! Want to know why epoxy flooring is the best flooring solution for the basement? Well, you can find them down below, so let’s get started!
Basement Waterproofing
One of the many reasons that homeowners across the country are starting to use epoxy in the basement is that it can be used in the process of basement waterproofing. If you use a professional contractor that can properly install epoxy in a moist environment. But with a properly installed epoxy flooring system in the basement, you will notice a drastic decrease in the humidity in your basement. But, what most homeowners don’t know about epoxy flooring is that it can also resist the growth of harmful bacteria like mold and fungi with its seamless and nonporous finish.
Carefree Maintenance
A key benefit of epoxy flooring systems is just how easy they are to maintain. This is why so many commercial facilities and garages use epoxy flooring and this benefit directly correlates to the basement. What makes epoxy so attractive to homeowners is that there are no expensive equipment or materials required as there is no need for the use of waxes and polishes to keep the coating shiny. All you will need to keep your epoxy in great condition is a standard wet mop and a soft-bristle broom. When mopping, it is recommended that you use cleaners that are PH neutral to preserve the integrity of the epoxy topcoat.
Endless Design Options
Endless Design Options
When it comes to basement epoxy flooring, there is a nearly endless amount of customization that you can do to your basement. Because epoxies are a liquid-based material before they are applied, they can become so of the most beautiful flooring systems on the market. If you find the right contractor for the job you can have options like an endless selection of base colors, the option to use mono-colored or multicolored epoxy flakes and even the exclusive metallic epoxy flooring. Just because you perform basement waterproofing doesn’t mean that you have to have a bland basement!
Durability And Resistance
When you are remodeling your basement or simply looking a floor coating that can stand up to whatever you can throw at it; hopefully not literally, and can be used in the type of setting that you wish to turn your basement into. With an epoxy basement flooring system in place, you will have one of the most versatile flooring systems on the market. Epoxies are widely known for their physical and chemical damage resistance but it is also much stronger than your basic concrete flooring. With basement epoxy, your flooring will have a weight tolerance of up to 12,000 PSI and compared to standard concretes average of 3,500 PSI, you can see just how much of an upgrade epoxy is.
Long Lasting
What good is a flooring system if it can only protect your basement for a few years. We will always recommend the use of a professional epoxy basement flooring contractor as they have access to professional grade materials and the know how to install your coating correctly, which will give your epoxy the chance to reach its full lifespan. Epoxy flooring is one of the longest-lasting floor coatings on the market and when you properly maintain an epoxy basement floor coating, you can expect your epoxy to last anywhere from 20-30 years, making it the ultimate investment.
Enhanced Safety
Even though your basement is waterproof, there is still always the chance of water finding its way in somehow. But if that is a concern, talk to your contractor about additives that will give your epoxy texture hence making it safer and easier to walk on when it becomes wet or soiled. As we all know, one of the major weaknesses of all basements is the lighting. But with epoxy flooring, your basement can become up to 150% brighter, making it easier to see any hazards that could be obstructing your flooring.

While there are many, many more benefits of using epoxy basement flooring in the process of basement waterproofing, we felt like these were the best of the best. No matter what flooring you use for your basement, we wish you the best of luck on all of your basement renovations to come!