Reasons Why Epoxy Is The

Best Basement Flooring System

Basement Flooring
Are you looking for a flooring system for your basement that meets all the important checkmarks like cost, aesthetics and water resistance? Well sadly, most of the traditional types of flooring like carpet, hardwood, and tiles don’t really meet those standards. However, there is a flooring system that is able to meet all of these points and it’s a flooring system that many homeowners never expect, epoxy flooring. Epoxy flooring has been one of the most popular forms of basement flooring for the last 10 years and there is no sign of it slowing down! Want to know why epoxy flooring is the best flooring solution for the basement? Well, you can find them down below, so let’s get started!
Basement Waterproofing
One of the many reasons that homeowners across the country are starting to use epoxy in the basement is that it can be used in the process of basement waterproofing. If you use a professional contractor that can properly install epoxy in a moist environment. But with a properly installed epoxy flooring system in the basement, you will notice a drastic decrease in the humidity in your basement. But, what most homeowners don’t know about epoxy flooring is that it can also resist the growth of harmful bacteria like mold and fungi with its seamless and nonporous finish.
Carefree Maintenance
A key benefit of epoxy flooring systems is just how easy they are to maintain. This is why so many commercial facilities and garages use epoxy flooring and this benefit directly correlates to the basement. What makes epoxy so attractive to homeowners is that there are no expensive equipment or materials required as there is no need for the use of waxes and polishes to keep the coating shiny. All you will need to keep your epoxy in great condition is a standard wet mop and a soft-bristle broom. When mopping, it is recommended that you use cleaners that are PH neutral to preserve the integrity of the epoxy topcoat.
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