Metallic Epoxy Flooring:

8 Reasons To Upgrade Your Floors

With all of the different styles of variations of epoxy flooring available, it may be difficult to choose which is the best option for your Michigan home or business. Considering the weather and environment of the Grand Rapids area, it’s crucial to select a flooring that can withstand temperature changes and the snowy winter season. Read below to learn more about metallic epoxy floors and why they are an excellent choice for both residential and commercial business settings in the Michigan area!

Epoxy appeals to such a wide range of property owners due to the incredible longevity this material provides. While many flooring materials like stone or hardwood require expensive maintenance over time to keep them functioning, epoxy is known to last for decades with just simple maintenance needed. Epoxy is one of the only materials known to last for decades before starting to show signs of wear or more serious issues like chipping or peeling. This means once you have the floors initially installed, your costs for maintenance will be low throughout time.
Visually Stunning
One of the major benefits of choosing metallic epoxy flooring is the visually stunning surface this material provides. Each metallic epoxy floor is unique and can be considered a work of art, as it’s nearly impossible to replicate the same design twice. The surface is incredibly shiny and can be designed to mimic the appearance of natural elements like water, clouds, or even lava! If you are looking to create a one-of-a-kind focal point for your space, metallic epoxy is an excellent choice.
Slip-Resistant Qualities
Another advantage to choosing epoxy as the material for your new floors is the slip-resistant qualities associated with these installations. Many people believe that epoxy is a slippery material due to the shiny and reflective finish on the surface but thankfully this is a common misconception. Epoxy floors, including metallic epoxy, provide slip-resistant qualities that can be compared to those of a basketball court. This is great for helping to increase the overall safety of the area and preventing accidental injuries.
Whether you have a residential home or a busy commercial business, metallic epoxy floors can provide exceptional strength, durability, and resistance against common damaging factors. Other flooring materials are prone to damage from common elements like water, impact from dropped items, spills, temperatures, and countless other scenarios. The resistance of metallic epoxy is crucial when considering your existing flooring material and the importance of its structural integrity. You can be sure your floor will last for decades and your pre-existing concrete will remain in excellent condition.
Easy to Maintain
While hardwood or stone floors are appealing for their unique appearance, the maintenance required to keep these materials functioning can be extensive and costly. In certain scenarios, these materials have to be replaced after just a few years of time. With metallic epoxy, the maintenance required to keep the surface looking new is simple and easy to complete on a schedule. Some of the routine steps that should be taken with metallic epoxy include dry mopping the surface on a weekly or monthly basis and wet mopping to remove grime as necessary. The nonporous surface of epoxy will ensure that no moisture is able to seep through the coating of the floor.