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Flooring Maintenance
One of the best features of installing epoxy flooring is the fact that it is very easy to clean and keep clean. Though the cleaning is easy, it should never be overlooked as it is a key factor in how long your epoxy flooring will last. Here are some of the tips that our pros give to all of our clients after their flooring has been installed:
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  • Always wait until your epoxy flooring has completely cured before you try to clean it with any water or chemicals. It is okay to walk on your flooring and pick up any loose debris after 24 hours of your flooring being installed but water or chemicals can destroy the appearance of your epoxy flooring.
  • Just like any other flooring, you must deal with all chemical stains almost as soon as they happen. While epoxy flooring is chemical resistant, prolonged exposure to a chemical can affect the way your epoxy flooring will look and perform. We advise that you neutralize the chemical almost as soon as it makes contact with your flooring to avoid all damage.
  • We recommend that you sweep your epoxy floor daily to remove all loose debris, dirt and any foreign objects. It is critical that this is done as dirt may cause micro scratches on the surface if walked on. We recommend the use of a soft bristle brush or a dust mop for daily maintenance as a stiff nylon brush could scratch the surface of the epoxy flooring.
  • Before using any type of chemical to clean your epoxy flooring, we recommend that you mask off a tiny area in a corner and test the cleaning product before you apply it to your entire floor. This is because a cleaner may have a specific chemical in it that may cause a reaction on the surface of your epoxy flooring that can make it seem cloudy, dull or just wreak havoc on your flooring. Always test your product before you apply it.
  • If you have requested our additive that will make your flooring a nonslip surface, there are a few extra steps that may need to be taken when cleaning your flooring. Because the additive may resemble tiny sand in your flooring we recommend the use of a brush or even a vacuum to ensure that all of the dirt has been removed from your flooring so you won’t have to worry about scratches.
  • When using a hose to clean your epoxy flooring, it is very important that you follow these steps. When using a hose with hot water, make sure that the water does not exceed 140 degrees Fahrenheit if your epoxy isn’t specialized for high heat situations. Always make sure that you don’t allow water to constantly hit one spot for too long as well, make sure you are keeping the nozzle moving during the cleaning process.
  • While waxes and polishes are not required to maintain a shiny epoxy floor, they may be used to make your floor even shinier. When using these waxes or polishers, make sure you only apply a thin coat as they can make your flooring extremely slippery.