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Premier Edge Concrete Solutions proudly serves East Grand Rapids, Michigan with robust, high-quality epoxy floor coatings. With epoxy flooring in East Grand Rapids, you can transform dusty, stained, and porous concrete in your garage, basement, or commercial building into a decorative finished floor that can last up to 20 years.

We are one of the premier epoxy flooring companies in East Grand Rapids, MI with limitless options to achieve the decorative effect you are going for. We specialize in custom epoxy flooring and use only industrial grade epoxy combined with thorough preparation of your concrete substrate to deliver results you can rely on for years to come.

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East Grand Rapids, MI

Concrete Resurfacing

Effective resurfacing solutions for all concrete surfaces

Tired of an unsightly and aging concrete pool deck or patio? Want to give your existing concrete a new look? Or just remove years of grime while protecting it from damage? Our concrete resurfacing and sealing services are cost-effective solutions to protect and beautify your concrete.

Concrete Wood Floor
Wood Stamped Concrete

Wood concrete is an impressive way to transform bland or aging concrete with the stunning look and feel of wood. Wood stamped concrete in East Grand Rapids uses concrete stains and stamping to transform concrete before it sets. Concrete that looks like wood can be achieved with freshly poured concrete or it can be used on existing concrete with the use of an overlay. Wood stamped concrete creates a very realistic wood look with plank lines, grain, wood knots, and deep color that lasts for decades.

Resurface Pool Deck
Pool Deck Resurfacing
Don’t let a deteriorating and cracked pool deck bring you down. There are many ways to resurface existing concrete to make it look like new — or even better! In addition to standard concrete resurfacing to cover repairs and give your concrete a new texture, we can use other techniques to transform your concrete. Concrete coatings for pool decks add beautiful and fade-resistant texture and color but other options include stains and decorative concrete overlays.
Commercial Kitchen Flooring Epoxy
Concrete Sealing

Want to protect new or existing concrete from stains and damage? Need to restore color to stained concrete or increase the lifespan of new decorative concrete? Our concrete cleaning and sealing service in East Grand Rapids is a low-cost way to protect concrete from road salts, automotive fluids, water, spalling, and more. As one of the leading concrete sealing companies in East Grand Rapids, we can remove years of accumulated grime and stains from your concrete surfaces before applying a clear, protective seal to the surface.

East Grand Rapids

Improve the appearance and performance of concrete floors

Ready to transform dusty and underperforming concrete floors into an attractive, seamless, and high-performance floor system? Our concrete coating contractors in East Grand Rapids offer several ways to protect and finish your concrete floors to create a safe, low-maintenance, and decorative floor.

Outdoor Concrete Resurfacing
Epoxy Flooring
Looking for a robust commercial floor system that will hold up to heavy wear and tear? Ready to give your garage a cost-effective update? Epoxy flooring can fit many needs. This cost-effective and decorative concrete coating delivers great performance for years to come. Our East Grand Rapids epoxy contractors deliver dependable results using only the best epoxy products available.
Pure Metallic Epoxy Floor
Metallic Epoxy Floors
Take an epoxy floor coating to the next level with a stunning metallic finish. A metallic epoxy floor in East Grand Rapids, MI uses many colors of metallic pigments that are agitated to create the illusion of movement, depth, craters, and more. This decorative epoxy coating can be used in a garage, basement, lobby, or store for a one-of-a-kind floor system that looks like smoke, molten metal, lava, or marble.
Commercial Rubber Floor Coating
Rubberized Floor Coatings
Want a waterproof, durable, and attractive concrete coating suitable for indoor or outdoor use? A rubberized floor coating in East Grand Rapids offers everything you’re looking for. A rubber coating for concrete floors creates an incredibly long-lasting and fully waterproof surface that’s ideal for a garage or industrial setting that faces frequent water exposure. Our hardy rubber floor coatings come in a range of colors and textures to get the right look for your space.

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Your local epoxy flooring and concrete resurfacing pros

Premier Edge Concrete Solutions is based in Grand Rapids but serves the larger metropolitan area with high-quality and reliable concrete coating and resurfacing. Our service area extends into nearby East Grand Rapids. Located along Reeds Lake in Kent County, East Grand Rapids is a thriving city of nearly 12,000. Thanks to its beautiful lakefront property, the city was once a popular recreational destination for city dwellers to swim with an amusement park and show boat. East Grand Rapids is today known for its lakefront mansions and renovated Gaslight Village downtown with multi-level condos and a major retail center.

Just four miles outside downtown Grand Rapids, East Grand Rapids has been named as one of the top places to raise a family and one of the best destinations for suburbanites in the country. It offers everything from a sports lake and charming downtown to great dining, exciting summer events, and playgrounds, hiking trails, and green spaces.

While Reeds Lake garners most of the attention in East Grand Rapids among kayakers, fishers, and sailors, East Grand Rapids also offers plenty of other entertainment options and hidden gems. The city is home to the popular old-fashioned ice cream parlor Jersey Junction, a popular spot for grabbing locally made ice cream. Gaslight Village in the heart of the city offers top-rated restaurants and boutiques to explore. During the summer, the city’s parks offer movies, concerts, charity athletic events, art fairs, and more.