Choose an Epoxy

Contractor Wisely

Epoxy Contractor Wisely

So, you have decided to make the leap into epoxy flooring, all there is to do now is decide if you want to take on the project on yourself or hire a professional to get the job done right the first time around. While having pride in knowing you installed the flooring yourself does sound nice, we recommend using a professional even if it’s just for the first project. Sadly, there are imposters out there who want to install your epoxy as fast as possible and skip town, so choosing your contractor can be a little tricky. Well, that’s where our guide on choosing the right epoxy contractor comes into play! Down below, we are going to go through all of the crucial points your contractor should follow before you decide to use their services. Let’s get started!

Do They Know What They Are Talking About?

The first thing you are going to want to make sure of is that your contractor has the experience of epoxy flooring that someone who installs it every day should know like the back of their hand. You are going to make sure that they just didn’t spend a weekend casually searching for information sites to get the gist of epoxy. What questions should you ask? Down below, you will find a couple of ways to identify if your contractor knows what he is talking about:

  • Ask for the full range of epoxies they offer
  • Make sure they know the difference between 1 and 2 part epoxy
  • Ask if they have been trained for any special epoxies, like metallic epoxy
  • Always ask where they buy materials, trust us it makes a difference
Experience Makes The Difference

Some people think that there is not a difference between a contractor with experience and an inexperienced contractor, but we promise there is a world of difference to be had. For example sake, a contractor with at least 15 years of experience has the ability to get a standard 2 car garage finished in 2-3 day window. On the other hand, the inexperienced contractor could take as long as 5-6 days and make plenty of mistakes along the way. The average number of years of experience you want to look for in a contractor is 5-10 years. The more the better! We urge you to make sure to double-check the contractor’s experience, there has a been a recent trend in companies outlining the crew’s total experience over the contractors. To show you what a difference experience really makes, we have outlined a little comparison down below:


  • Average epoxy flooring jobs only take 3-5 days
  • Everyday use of tools make using them more efficient
  • Using the best materials for your application

  • May skip steps during installation to save time
  • Lack of knowledge of tools will make the process take longer
  • Will buy materials online rather than a true epoxy provider
Check Reference
Check References

Now, the best way to make sure your contractor is a reliable one is to check their past clients and their references. If you ask for references, make sure that you go as far back as possible, preferably back when the contractor first installing epoxy if possible. How far you are able to go back effects how you can gauge if the contractor is as reliable as he says he is or if e is just a good salesman. Down below, you will find how checking references can make choosing your contractor much easier:

  • See how they have improved their craft
  • Ensure their past jobs have lasted the test of time
  • See if they respect the homes they have worked in
  • Make sure that they leave a clean workspace when they leave
  • Get an idea of how affordable they are
  • See if you could trust the contractor in your home

Hopefully, you will look to this guide when it comes time for your epoxy contractor to give you a quote. Even if you only use a couple of the tips we have outlined above, you will find that your experience finding a contractor will be a better overall experience. On this note, we leave you with only the best wishes on your next project and the ones that follow. Good luck!