Best places to install an

Epoxy Flooring system

Concrete Flooring
Epoxy flooring is an extremely versatile flooring option. As a specialty and high performing floor, epoxy floors can mimic marble, granite, or wood floors, but will not easily damage like them. Decorative epoxy offers the possibility of beautiful aesthetics and the durability and resistant concrete, meaning, you truly get the best of both worlds. So, where should you install an epoxy floor? Honestly, anywhere and everywhere you want not only beauty but strength; however, there are a few places where an epoxy floor should undoubtedly be installed. Two of those places would be garages, all types, and commercial settings like retail, business buildings, and high functioning facilities. Epoxy floors offer countless benefits that no one floor could offer on its own, therefore, as we discuss an epoxy floors benefits it is important to remember that no matter where an epoxy floor is installed it offers all of the same benefits. For example, a concrete epoxy floor is durable, that does not change whether the system has been installed in a garage or a coffee shop, but the benefits for each setting do vary. For a garage, the floor will be able to withstand possible damages from vehicles and in a coffee shop an epoxy floors durability is important to withstand foot-traffic. The durability is the same, but the benefits are different.
Commercial Facilities
A professional epoxy flooring system, in a commercial setting, offers incredible benefits to business and property owners. Concrete, on its own without epoxy, is very weak and cannot protect itself against common elements like foot-traffic or water spills. Once epoxy has been installed, a common commercial concrete floor is no longer vulnerable to damages that it once was. An epoxy commercial floor can withstand constant use, there is no need to fear wear and tear with an epoxy floor, and it can even be installed with safety features to help minimize unwanted accidents. You have the ability to keep your customers and clients safe because of epoxy floors ability to be installed as a slip-resistant surface. With such high-grade flooring, you no longer need to worry about your floors being damaged by everyday use or spills because your concrete is no longer exposed. An epoxy floor helps commercial areas keep their businesses much cleaner at a much more affordable price. Epoxy floors do not require constant deep cleans or treatments, they isolate spills, dust, or debris by keeping everything on the surface and allowing you the benefit of simply sweeping or wiping the floors. This is true even if you install your epoxy floor to mimic a wood floor, unlike real wood, epoxy will not require special cleaners if a spill or stain were to be on its surface.
Industrial Facilities
Industrial Epoxy Flooring
Another important place to install an epoxy flooring system is industrial facilities. When many people think of an epoxy concrete floor, they immediately think about an industrial facility, and that isn’t far from the truth because they are great for these types of settings. A concrete epoxy floor is easy to clean so it is easy to meet any health code requirements, they’re quick to install so they don’t shut production time down, and they’re highly resistant to chemicals, impact, and machinery damage. Epoxy floors in any industrial setting is simply the way to go.
Residential Properties
Garage Floor Epoxy
One last important place that epoxy floors should be installed is residential garages! You can install an epoxy floor anywhere in your home, but your garage should always have an epoxy flooring system. Garages take the brunt of the force, from the changing seasons to storing our extra stuff and our vehicles, your garage floors need to handle more than most unprotected concrete floors can bare. When you install an epoxy floor, your garage becomes chemical, dirt, car fluid, and impact resistant, this feature prohibits your concrete from absorbing harmful fluids that would cause much more expensive and long-term issues. The ability of an epoxy garage floor to repel dirt, grime, and chemicals keeps your floors around for decades at a time.

Epoxy floors are incredible flooring systems that should be and can be installed anywhere. The benefits these floors offer is amazing and cannot be duplicated by any other flooring system. It is not wonder these floors have become the most popular options for residential, commercial, and industrial designs.