Benefits of

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring
When you finally decide to take the leap into epoxy flooring, you will have many great benefits bestowed upon you. These perks can help anyone from a homeowner to an industrial facility owner, that’s how amazing epoxy flooring is! Here are only a few of the amazing benefits that you can gain when you make the switch to an epoxy floor coating!
Extremely Durable
Garage Floor Epoxy
Epoxy flooring is one of the most durable if not the most durable flooring options available on the market today. This flooring is able to withstand heavy vehicle traffic, impact from heavy objects and even heavy machinery all without showing signs of distress. Not only is the actual epoxy strong, but it can also make your concrete stronger as well. It has been tested and proven that an epoxy flooring can make your existing concrete slab up to 300 percent stronger and last 2-3 times longer than any other concrete coating!
Custom Epoxy Flooring
When you make the switch to an epoxy flooring, you will have the benefit that your flooring will be the most custom flooring available today. You can use different colors, flakes, and even metallic pigments! For industrial facilities this can be extremely critical as epoxy flooring can be designed in a way to create walkways and vehicle paths to maintain an efficient and safe work environment. But that’s not all, with an epoxy flooring you can even have your favorite logo such as a sports teams logo installed directly into your flooring, so your man cave will be ready for the big game!
Long Lasting!
Epoxy Flooring Iowa
Epoxy flooring has one of the longest lifetimes compared to most other traditional floorings. When you have your epoxy flooring professionally installed; which you always should because some others may try to cut corners and use low-quality material; you’re flooring can last upwards of 20 years with proper maintenance! Imagine 20 years of the most beautiful and durable flooring that you’ve ever had, that sounds like an amazing investment to me!
Speedy Installation
Epoxy Flooring Installation
All properties can stand to gain from the overall fast installation that can be done with epoxy flooring. Let’s say in an area like a garage, your flooring can be installed in less than a week. The longest part of the installation process of epoxy flooring is the cure times. The average epoxy will take 24 hours to cure enough to allow foot traffic and at least 72 hours for vehicle traffic, but with a fast cure system, your flooring can be ready to walk on in as little as an hour!
Resistant to Chemicals
Concrete Floor Coating
Epoxy flooring has the advantage in many garages, shops, and even aircraft hangars for its extreme chemical resistance. The clear coat that comes standard with all epoxy flooring is a solid surface so no form of chemicals could possibly penetrate the surface causing deterioration or stains so your home or business can keep a clean and professional appearance
Investing in your Property
Metallic Epoxy
With so many amazing benefits its hard to believe that epoxy flooring isn’t found in almost every home or facility. We can offer you our amazing epoxy flooring with fast installation and unbelievably low prices, so why should you wait any longer to make the best investment for your home or business property today?