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Epoxy floors, when professionally installed, offer a sleek glass-like finish that appears to be dangerously slippery, however, that is not the case. Aside from its safety qualities, many people wonder if the chemicals and fumes associated with an epoxy flooring installation are safe, and the answer is yes. Most epoxy floor coating chemicals are no more dangerous than a can of paint from a local store. Just like paint, after the epoxy flooring system has been installed, it is important to properly ventilate the area, so you are not solely breathing in the chemicals. Even though the chemicals are not hazardous and do not pose any immediate threat to families, clients, pets, or guests, it is not advised to ingest the fumes directly.
Primary Safety Features
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What are some safety features of an epoxy floor coating? Your floors can be installed to be slip and fire-resistant. These are features that should be mentioned to the professional installing your floors prior to the actual installation process. These features will not isolate your flooring system to one look, color, or texture, meaning, you can install an attractive and safe floor. So, what is an epoxy floor? How can it look smooth and slippery but not be dangerous? Thankfully, epoxy floors are strong and resistant surfaces that contain two important components, resins and hardeners. Once these chemicals have cured onto your concrete you are presented with a strong and durable floor that is no more a danger than a simple can of paint.
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The chemicals used on epoxy floors, that do contain a semi-odor, are not a health risk for your pets or your children. Once the area has been properly ventilated and the curing process has been completed, your floors are safe to use by everyone.

There is one important point to make about the safety of these floors: it is very important to hire a professional to install epoxy floors. If chemicals are not properly mixed or if important surface preparation is not done correctly, there are hazards that could arise. We do not recommend DIY kits for this very reason. Improper installation not only puts your family and friends at risk, it damages the name of epoxy. A professional can give you specific instructions on how to safely use your new product.

In Conclusion
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In the end, are epoxy floors safe? YES! They are an extremely safe high-performing option for any business, home, or industrial property. Again, it is highly recommended that a professional start and complete an epoxy floor installation.